Our Services

All of our M&A advisory services are tailored to suit the objectives of our client’s management and shareholders.

We provide senior-level attention throughout the process and as a result we have an extensive track record of success. We pride ourselves on our thoroughness in every phase of the assignment, from preliminary research to final execution. We deliver value with accountability, speed of execution, and clear communication with our clients.

We make the process professional, understandable and manageable for you. For private companies, we commit the time necessary to understand how your business relates to all other important elements of your life, and we work seamlessly with your trusted legal, accounting and financial advisors to make sure the strategic planning for your business is fully integrated with your tax, estate, and long-term wealth plans. This cooperation is often overlooked, but it is vital for maximizing net proceeds from a transaction of any kind. For public companies, our extensive experience serving on and working with Boards of Directors sets us apart. We have a deep understanding of the fiduciary obligations of Boards and the many issues associated with maximizing shareholder value.

Our process includes:

  • Helping you understand, anticipate and prepare for any and all circumstances that can occur during a complex transaction;
  • Understanding your business goals and objectives;
  • Analyzing your company’s current performance and future possibilities;
  • Making unbiased recommendations about achievable outcomes, based on our extensive knowledge and experience; and
  • Executing the plan and accomplishing the mission.

Our firm always strives to be the best. We achieve success for our clients by working closely with them. Our team strives to deliver maximum value for your business and attends to the personal aspects and implications of every transaction. We don’t cut corners. We take the time needed to examine the details with you. We become informed and eloquent advocates for your company. No one will work harder to close a deal to your satisfaction.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Dunn Rush & Co. has significant expertise in advising clients how to reach their strategic and financial objectives through mergers and acquisitions. We have been particularly successful with middle market companies, completing sale assignments to strategically motivated corporate acquirers who have the ability to appreciate nuances that result in premium transaction values. We provide objective advice to both sellers and buyers. We minimize management distractions so that their businesses can continue to operate with limited interruptions.  Our goal is to maximize financial value while addressing personal objectives. Very often transactions affect entire families, and that can get complicated. We are experts at negotiating the way through such issues successfully and sensitively.

We always have our eye on the big picture and the ultimate objective, but we also keep very close tabs on the details of every transaction. This might include confidentiality agreements, financing, escrows, retained equity, non-compete agreements, indemnifications, representations and warranties, financial reporting issues, and tax considerations. We are very good with the complexities and terms of deals. We stay on top of the details so that you can go through any transaction with peace of mind and confidence.

We assist sellers with the entire sale process, from preparation to execution and closing. In the initial phase we conduct preliminary business due diligence, assess valuation, create a marketing strategy and related marketing materials, and select and prioritize prospective buyers. We market the firm with strict confidentiality, creating an auction environment to optimize value in bids, maximize negotiating leverage, and preserve process flexibility. We facilitate the buyer/lender due diligence, and manage all elements of the sale process. During the final negotiations and closing, we negotiate the definitive agreement, collaborate with your legal and accounting professionals, facilitate the final due diligence, and guide you to a satisfactory closing.

If you have identified a target, Dunn Rush & Co. facilitates discreet, efficient acquisition processes, assisting with valuation, due diligence, document negotiations, and closing. If the target has not yet been identified, we guide the client through the acquisition search, formulating criteria, identifying targets and initiating contact, negotiating terms of transactions, and raising acquisition financing, if necessary.

“Greg was a professional and trusted advisor to us through the entire sale process. He worked tirelessly, providing timely and concise communication and advice at what seemed liked any time of the day or night. He very quickly got up to speed with our industry and controlled the entire process from start to finish. Greg’s ability to resolve conflict and negotiate alternate solutions was continually and successfully tested as we dealt with an acquirer outside of the U.S. that presented some challenging language and cultural issues. I would highly recommend Greg and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

John D’Amelio
former Owner of Precast Specialties Corp.


The testimonials presented herein may not be representative of the experience of other clients and are no guarantee of future performance or success.