All of our Sell-Side M&A Advisory services are tailored to suit the unique objectives of each client.


We provide senior-level attention throughout the process and as a result we have an extensive track record of success. We pride ourselves on our thoroughness in every phase of the assignment, from preliminary research to final execution. We deliver value with accountability, speed of execution, and clear communication with our clients.  We always have our eye on the big picture and the ultimate objective, but we also keep very close tabs on the details of every transaction.

The Dunn Rush Two-Stage Competitive Sale Process

  • Research

    We develop your preferred transaction strategy; conduct preliminary business diligence; assess likely valuation.

  • Identify Potential Buyers

    We work with you to screen a wide range of strategic (corporate) and financial (private equity) buyers with an interest in your industry sector and the scale and resources to complete the desired transaction.

  • Strategic Positioning

    We determine how best to position the company in the most attractive light by emphasizing the most important value propositions, cost savings and synergies for different buyers.

  • Marketing

    We market the company selectively to buyers approved by you with strict confidentiality, creating a sense of urgency and competitive environment to maximize value and optimize negotiating leverage.

  • Buyer Selection and Negotiations

    We negotiate business terms with the selected buyer, facilitate buyer/lender due diligence and collaborate with your legal and accounting professionals, managing the process from the very beginning to a successful closing.

  • Closing

    We help guide the process all the way through to the day you complete the desired transaction and transition to the next stage of your life.

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