The vibrant, diverse, and human capital-oriented sub-sectors that comprise the Business Services industry often require unique preparation and structural complexities compared to M&A transactions in other industries.  Unlike asset-heavy businesses, the value drivers for companies in the Business Services sector walk in-and-out the door every day – the ability to retain and build upon the skills and relationships of your company’s people are critical for a buyer to understand and properly value in an acquisition. These factors can make the deal structure and diligence process unique relative to other industries, and it is critical to work with an M&A advisor who understands and can navigate these nuances.

The trend toward outsourcing and implementation of new technologies to lower costs and drive productivity has created a boon for those middle-market companies, which can offer cost-effective alternatives to businesses struggling to improve efficiencies internally. An advisor with a deep understanding of the corporate buyers who can best leverage the services of your company and skills of your people, combined with access to the financial sponsor community with a track record and experience in your sector, is a must.

Where Dunn Rush & Co. stands apart from other M&A advisors is that our partners and managing directors have gone through exactly what you’re going through now—as CEOs of middle-market companies in the Business Services industry. We know what questions to ask, pitfalls to avoid, and strategies to employ to help execute a successful outcome for you and your company.


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  • Engineering Services
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  • Financial Services
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