Healthy Living

Consumer Awareness, Innovation, Rapid Growth, Demographic Transition

A spike in wellness initiatives and nutritional awareness drives strong growth in the Healthy Living sector of the consumer market. These days, both individuals and companies are searching for new products, foods, and technologies that lend to a healthier lifestyle and greater sense of wellbeing.

Demographic transition of the aging population along with the greatly informed Millennial Generation are resulting in numerous innovative products and services being developed, a trend likely to propel M&A opportunity in this industry for the foreseeable future. Our team has completed numerous transactions for middle market businesses in the Healthy Living industry and holds a deep understanding of the strategy and players involved.

What sets Dunn Rush & Co. apart is that our partners and managing directors have been in our clients’ shoes—as CEOs of consumer-targeted Healthy Living businesses that have gone through financings, acquisitions and sale transactions of their own. Firsthand experience managing the M&A process as both advisors and owners has proven to be an invaluable asset to our clients.


Some of Our Past Deal Sub-Sector Specialities include:

    • Functional Foods and Beverages
    • Grocery
    • Health Clubs
    • Natural and Organic Foods
    • Nutritional Products
    • Seafood
    • Specialty Foods
    • Wellness Information and Technology


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What Clients Are Saying About Dunn Rush

I had never sold a business before and didn’t realize everything that went into it, or the time involved. One of my best decisions was hiring professionals, Dunn Rush & Co., to guide us through the sale process. Their experience, determination and guidance resulted in a very smooth and efficient transaction. They were especially helpful during the negotiations over price. We achieved optimal results for all constituents: our shareholders, employees and customers.

John D'Amelio / Former Owner of Precast Specialties Corp.

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