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Efficient Operations, Scale, Source vs. Buy, Differentiated Capabilities

Manufacturing and Distribution businesses have faced increasing competition from globalization and rapid technological advancement for many years, and the business models in these sectors have shifted accordingly. Manufacturers today utilize a blend of on- and off-shore resources and in many cases focus on final assembly and test; and Distributors are continually challenged to expand the scope of their value-added services to remain entrenched with their customers. Scalability and specialization have become increasingly important in improving efficiency and profitability, fueling interest in acquisition activity. Larger companies are constantly on the hunt for new products, access to new customers, and innovative production capabilities to acquire—driving a competitive, but well defined, M&A landscape for Manufacturing & Distribution businesses.     

Dunn Rush & Co. has completed numerous transactions for middle market businesses in Manufacturing & Distribution across a wide range of industries. We speak the language, know the playing field, and understand the most compelling areas of savings and synergies that create value for potential buyers – the critical skills necessary to most effectively market your company and maximize value through a competitive sale process.  

What sets Dunn Rush & Co. apart is that our partners and managing directors have been in our clients’ shoes—as CEOs of Manufacturing and Distribution businesses that have gone through acquisitions and sale transactions of their own. Our firsthand experience managing the M&A process as both owners and advisors has proven to be an invaluable asset to our clients.


Some of Our Past Deal Sub-Sector Specialities include:

    • Advanced Manufacturing
    • Automotive Products
    • Building Products & Services
    • Contract Manufacturing
    • Distribution
    • Electrical Equipment
    • Engineered Metal Components
    • Industrial Products, Equipment & Services
    • Machinery & Equipment
    • Materials & Specialty Chemicals
    • Plastics & Packaging
    • Power Connectivity and Control
    • Vitamin, Mineral & Supplement Manufacturing

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What Clients Are Saying About Dunn Rush

We had a challenging transaction – selling our Fulflex division to an international buyer who was also a major joint venture partner of ours. We engaged Dunn Rush & Co. to help us navigate through the anticipated and unforeseen issues. They were with us every step of the way and their experience and knowledge was instrumental in accomplishing our goals.

Alexandra Moore / EVP and Owner, The Moore Company, and its former subsidiary Fulflex, Inc.

I had never sold a business before and didn’t realize everything that went into it, or the time involved. One of my best decisions was hiring professionals, Dunn Rush & Co., to guide us through the sale process. Their experience, determination and guidance resulted in a very smooth and efficient transaction. They were especially helpful during the negotiations over price. We achieved optimal results for all constituents: our shareholders, employees and customers.

Bill Jemison / Former Owner and CEO, Heyco Products, Inc.

I have seen the Dunn Rush team perform in several sell-side situations. You want them on your team! Their preparation and attention to detail is impressive. They are also real good people to have by your side during a stressful time. In the case of Bridgeport Fittings, Kevin and Greg introduced us to their Gold Standard of Preparation and we took their advice getting audited financial statements and a Quality of Earnings report. This preparation made the due diligence process go smoothly, helped the firm proactively address issues and greatly improved the due diligence process. The final results exceeded our expectations.

Nate Levenson / Board Member, Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.

Dunn Rush & Co. were amazing throughout the entire process of selling my company! Greg and Kevin quickly learned about an industry most people have never heard of (sonar transducers), and their extensive experience, creativity, and strategic thinking helped us navigate the process and deal effectively with the many unexpected turns of events. They are indefatigable, and were always available and communicating with us, day and night. Their attention to every details, their interest and excitement about our deal, and their endless patience answering our questions and concerns was second to none. Dunn Rush is categorically different from other investment banking firms, adn I can’t imaging working with anyone else.

Carol Bowen / President, Materials Systems Inc.

I had never been involved in the sale of a business before, let alone my own. I hired Dunn Rush & Co. to assist me through the process because of their extensive experience in  helping similar business owners. Kevin and Greg prepared us well for the task, anticipated events and issues, negotiated hard and delivered superb results. They know what they are doing and do it well!

Everett 'Vic' Firth (1931-2015) / Founder and President, Vic Firth Company, Inc.

The Dunn Rush team skilfully guided us through the sale process resulting in our achieving maximum value for our division, Moeller Marine Products. They ran their 2-stage competitive sale process which resulted in us receiving multiple initial offers which were then winnowed down to the top few interested buyers. We met with those buyers and supplied additional information and Dunn Rush then had those buyers compete against one another which resulted in our achieving very favorable terms and an outstanding valuation.

Dana Barlow / CEO of The Moore Company, and its former subsidiary Moeller Marine Products

It was indeed a pleasure to be working with a strong, professional team while getting the personal attention of a partner throughout the process.

Michael Brubaker / President & CEO, R. L. Drake, LLC.

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