October 26, 2020

BOSTON-MA Why do 93% of Private Companies report an increase in EBIT after implementing a Board? According to Lodestone’s 2019 Private Company Board Survey, this is just one of the likely impacts from adding an independent Board of Directors. At this event, our seasoned panelists and moderator with decades of experience on private company boards will discuss how private companies can drive superior performance through the strategic use of corporate and advisory boards.
This event's discussion is designed for private company business owners and management, board members, and prospective board members.  Key takeaways addressed:

    • How do Boards promote accountability and drive performance in private companies?
    • What topics are likely to emerge when starting or joining a private company board?
    • How has our panelists' board membership directly enhanced company performance?
    • Who fits the profile of a private company board director?


Dr. Jill Wittels - Managing Partner, Sostenuto Strategic Advisors, COO and President, Route Dynamics Corp.

Ed Pendergast - Managing Director, Dunn Rush & Co.

Moderated by:

Carl Metzger - Partner, Goodwin, Litigation Department

Watch the full panel presentation here: https://zoom.us/rec/share/BZKFcdFekmEmpKN9nYuBGBZfOUOYlPiOIR88vfIPDCCxh6_VborQtRPw5AleXrPP.R-CNhbOVseSO8JcI

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