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From strategic positioning to closing, we advise our clients with preparedness, insight, and a keen management of process and communication.

For all engagements, we are client focused and committed to a comprehensive, customized understanding of the objective, goals, the story, issues and potential solutions to every transaction.


Our firm specializes in valuing businesses on a change-of control basis, and will be engaged by an owner, group of owners, or a Board of Directors to value a business, or part of a business, in complex circumstances where a sale or divestiture is being considered or evaluated. In other cases, business owners may require a formal valuation analysis for various purposes, including trust and estate work, issuance of employee incentive plans, or structuring of buy-sell agreements between owners. These are typically fairly straight-forward academic exercises that can be done relatively inexpensively by certified valuation firms.

Fairness Opinions

In sale transactions where there are numerous stakeholders or complex ownership structures and not all interested parties may agree on the type or level of transaction or financing being considered, the issuance of a Fairness Opinion by a qualified professional advisory firm will be required.  Fairness Opinions are analyses done to determine whether the terms of a specific proposed transaction being considered by stakeholders is fair, from a financial point of view. Fairness Opinions are generally issued for the use of the Board of Directors of a company as part of its due diligence in approving or recommending stakeholder approval for a proposed transaction.

Capital Raising

In certain circumstances we are engaged by companies to raise later-stage capital, typically subordinated debt or equity, in connection with the financing of a potential transaction.  These financings are typically for amounts greater than $10 million, and the audience for these financings are institutional private equity or mezzanine funds and family offices specializing in these types of financings. The structure and valuation terms of these financings are dependent on the cash flow levels currently being generated by the company or combined companies in the case of a proposed acquisition. We do not raise early-stage, seed, or first institutional rounds of capital where venture capital firms, angel investors or individuals will be the potential investors.

Buy-Side M&A

We occasionally will be engaged to perform buy-side M&A advisory services. These engagements are typically in circumstances where there is a narrow focus on specific sizable acquisition targets where there is a benefit from involving a third-party firm for valuation purposes; negotiating transaction price, structure and terms; or assisting with sophisticated financial modeling or due diligence analyses. We do not perform open-ended outbound buy-side searches.

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What Clients Are Saying About Dunn Rush

I had never sold a business before and didn’t realize everything that went into it, or the time involved. One of my best decisions was hiring professionals, Dunn Rush & Co., to guide us through the sale process. Their experience, determination and guidance resulted in a very smooth and efficient transaction. They were especially helpful during the negotiations over price. We achieved optimal results for all constituents: our shareholders, employees and customers.



Bill Jemison / Former Owner and CEO, Heyco Products, Inc.

I have seen the Dunn Rush team perform in several sell-side situations. You want them on your team! Their preparation and attention to detail is impressive. They are also real good people to have by your side during a stressful time. In the case of Bridgeport Fittings, Kevin and Greg introduced us to their Gold Standard of Preparation and we took their advice getting audited financial statements and a Quality of Earnings report. This preparation made the due diligence process go smoothly, helped the firm proactively address issues and greatly improved the due diligence process. The final results exceeded our expectations.

Nate Levenson / Board Member, Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.

We utilized the services of Dunn Rush to value our business under different scenarios for financial transactions we were contemplating. They got up to speed quickly, asked great questions and had good insights into how our business would be valued under different circumstances. Their work was very detailed, explained well and extremely useful in our deliberations.



Mike McManama / CEO, Decas Cranberry Products, Inc.

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