Welcome back to the Dunn Rush & Co. podcast.  Greg Rush and Kevin Dunn of Dunn Rush & Co. discuss how to handle unsolicited inquiries about your business and observations about the M&A market as we head into the fourth quarter of 2021


Kevin Dunn, Co-Founder of Dunn Rush and Co. sat down with Tom Sherwin, President and CEO of CEO Resources, and Larry Siff, CEO of Neptune Advisors, to get their reactions to the results of Dunn Rush’s recent survey on Business Owners’ Priorities for 2021. Listen now to hear their thoughts and insight on how the pandemic is influencing CEOs’/Owners’ priorities and timetables for considering a sale of the business.


Greg Rush, co-founder of Boston-based sell-side M&A investment bank Dunn Rush and Co., talks about the "Dunn Rush Gold Standard of Preparation" for achieving the best possible outcome when selling a business. What is the Gold Standard and why is it important for business owners? When should a business owner start preparing for sale? Real world examples show how following the Gold Standard can lead to an optimal result. Greg reveals the process involved and provides useful nuggets of information for anyone contemplating the sale of their business.

In a previous podcast Greg Rush, co-founder of Dunn Rush and Co., talked about the Dunn Rush Gold Standard of sell-side preparation for achieving the best possible outcome when selling your business. In this episode we dive into the impact of COVID-19 on the M&A market – how preparation has become even more critical, and how transaction values, structures and outcomes are likely to be altered by the effects of the pandemic.

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