“Dunn Rush & Co. helped us with a recent sale of a portfolio company, and we were very pleased with the process and outcome.  Greg and his team did a particularly effective job of quickly organizing materials, contacting a targeted group of potential buyers, and creating competition among multiple interested parties.  Hands-on, senior-level attention throughout the process was an important part of getting our transaction done, and Dunn Rush delivered start-to-finish.”

Ted Patton
Managing Director, Hastings Equity Partners

“Dunn represented, marketed and successfully sold our business.  My partner and I interviewed a number of investment bankers prior to the transaction and chose Kevin because of his broad industry experience, professional reputation and ability to get deals done.  Kevin and his team learned everything about our business and put together a comprehensive offering memorandum which generated tremendous interest from both private equity and strategic buyers.  Kevin conducted an efficient auction of our company and was able to “walk-up” the ultimate sale price substantially.  We never second guessed our decision to hire Kevin and I strongly recommend him for consideration for your project.”

Rick Thibadeau
CEO and Owner of AW Direct

“Kevin and Greg helped me work through a very complicated series of simultaneous acquisition opportunities.  They lined up and negotiated the necessary equity and debt financings, and worked through all the issues to get the best deal closed in tough market conditions. They gave me great advice throughout the process and did whatever it took to help me get it done.”

Pat Purcell
President & CEO of Herald Media

“When our investment principals were ready to market our organization, Greg and his team generated plenty of interest so we had multiple offers from which to choose.  It was indeed a pleasure to be working with a strong, professional team while getting the personal attention of a partner throughout the process.”

Michael Brubaker
President & CEO, R.L. Drake, LLC

“Greg was a professional and trusted advisor to us through the entire sale process. He worked tirelessly, providing timely and concise communication and advice at what seemed liked any time of the day or night. He very quickly got up to speed with our industry and controlled the entire process from start to finish. Greg’s ability to resolve conflict and negotiate alternate solutions was continually and successfully tested as we dealt with an acquirer outside of the U.S. that presented some challenging language and cultural issues. I would highly recommend Greg and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

John D’Amelio
former Owner of Precast Specialties Corp.

“In my 40 plus years on Wall Street, I have met regiments of investment bankers.  There have been none – i.e., not one – with the combined talent and integrity of Kevin Dunn.”

John Adams
Founder, Adams Harkness & Hill and Chairman, Canaccord Adams (US)

“Greg is one of the most effective investment bankers that I have had the opportunity to work with.   His professionalism, ability to quickly grasp the complexities of our business, expert advice and follow up insured that our process ran smoothly.  Even when we hit road blocks during the process, Greg was there to offer alternative suggestions and to work behind the scenes with all parties to get the deal back on track.   Greg was a real partner during the entire process from beginning to end and even though we were operating out of different cities, he was always available day or night to discuss and address the issue at hand.”

Joe Jacobson
President & CEO of Akustica, Inc.

“Dunn’s results in guiding the sale of our family business were outstanding in every dimension, from the sale price, the methodology of the sale process and his thoughtful guidance on what may happen post sale. Working with someone who, as they saying goes, has “seen the movie” created a real sense of comfort and instilled confidence that our family’s business gem was in trusted hands.”

Jim Scott
former President and owner, Old Mother Hubbard

“I had never been involved in the sale of a business before, let alone my own. I hired Dunn Rush & Co. to assist me through the process because of their extensive experience helping similar business owners. Kevin and Greg prepared us well for the task, anticipated events and issues, negotiated hard and delivered superb results. They know what they are doing and do it well!”

Everett “Vic” Firth (1931 – 2015)
Founder and President, Vic Firth Company, Inc.

“Dunn Rush & Co. were amazing throughout the entire process of selling my company! Greg and Kevin quickly learned about an industry most people have never heard of (sonar transducers), and their extensive experience, creativity, and strategic thinking helped us navigate the process and deal effectively with the many unexpected turns of events. They are indefatigable, and were always available and communicating with us, day and night. Their attention to every detail, their interest and excitement about our deal, and their endless patience answering our questions and concerns was second to none. Dunn Rush is categorically different from other investment banking firms, and I can’t imagine working with anyone else.”

Carol Bowen
President, Materials Systems Inc.

“When I decided to sell my third generation, family business, I had many concerns.  I wanted to be represented by an Investment Bank who had a strong reputation in the mergers and acquisition market, knew the market we participated in well enough to target likely interested parties, and who would manage the process of the transaction with various family members with various personal interests.”

Betsy Alden
former CEO and owner, Alden Products

“I’ve known the principals of Dunn Rush & Co. for a number of years and have had the opportunity to work with them in many different capacities. They’re true professionals, with deep experience in a wide range of transactions, across several industries. They are good people, and I have always enjoyed working with them. You can trust them to provide top-quality advice no matter what your situation or circumstances.”

Mark Bono
Founder, Guide Capital Partners