The Dunn Rush Two-Step Competitive Sale Process

Senior level advisors and personal touch are what defines us, our clients are what inspire us.

All of our Sell-Side M&A Advisory services are tailored to suit the unique objectives of each client.

Senior-Level Attention - Start to Finish

We provide senior-level attention throughout the process and as a result we have an extensive track record of success. We pride ourselves on our thoroughness in every phase of the assignment, from preliminary research to final execution. We deliver value with accountability, speed of execution, and clear communication with our clients. We always have our eye on the big picture and the ultimate objective, but we also keep very close tabs on the details of every transaction.

The Dunn Rush Two-Stage Sale Process

What Clients Are Saying About Dunn Rush

We had a challenging transaction – selling our Fulflex division to an international buyer who was also a major joint venture partner of ours. We engaged Dunn Rush & Co. to help us navigate through the anticipated and unforeseen issues. They were with us every step of the way and their experience and knowledge was instrumental in accomplishing our goals.

Alexandra Moore / EVP and Owner, The Moore Company, and its former subsidiary Fulflex, Inc.

I had never sold a business before and didn’t realize everything that went into it, or the time involved. One of my best decisions was hiring professionals, Dunn Rush & Co., to guide us through the sale process. Their experience, determination and guidance resulted in a very smooth and efficient transaction. They were especially helpful during the negotiations over price. We achieved optimal results for all constituents: our shareholders, employees and customers.

Bill Jemison / Former Owner and CEO, Heyco Products, Inc.

I was approached by multiple potential buyers and knew I needed help to navigate the process while continuing to run my business. Dunn Rush was instrumental in organizing the data room, managing the bidding, facilitating negotiations, maintaining positive communications, maximizing the sale price and getting it over the line. I highly recommend Kevin and Greg.

Bob Keeley / Former Owner & CEO, Diversified Project Management, Inc.

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