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We find ourselves going through unprecedented and uncertain times. Dunn Rush has been closely following the market disruption that has been developing along with the COVID-19 pandemic. The turmoil in the public markets leaves business owners feeling especially unsteady for the days and months to come.

Amid all the volatility and anxiety of this moment, there are positives to be found and positioning that business owners can apply to be better prepared for future transactions. Those who are proactive now, in crisis, will emerge on the far side most suited to maximize value.

We’ve consolidated some resources of interest here.

Brown Rudnick

This site offers relevant articles, listed by date, and provides an advanced search feature for all articles and sites.

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Burns Levinson

This site provides COVID_19 specific articles, organized by date, from partners and associates.  Articles are also tagged by topic.

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Duane Morris

This site offers industry blogs, webinar and relevant legal updates. 

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This site offers relevant articles listed by date and category along with a Resource Guide by industry.

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McLane Middleton

This site offers relevant articles by topic and date along with a list of resources and firm contacts by category.

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This site offers relevant articles organized by category, upcoming webinars and industry insights.

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This site offers relevant articles on latest guidelines and compliance and an FAQ section and clear list of contact forms to partners.

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Nelson Mullins

This site offers relevant articles listed by date and category.

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This site offers relevant articles by topic, related webinars and advisories by category and media resources.

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Prince Lobel

This site offers blog updates by topic, client alerts and firm contact information.

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This site offers relevant articles by date and a robust FAQ section.

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Sullivan and Worcester

This site offers partner insights by topic and date.

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Tarlow Breed Hart Rodgers

This is a downloadable PDF regarding the latest legislation and staff articles.

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This site offers articles by industry and provides firm contact information.

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What Clients Are Saying About Dunn Rush

I’ve known the Principals of Dunn Rush & Co., for a number of years and have had the opportunity to work with them in many different capacities. They’re true professionals, with deep experience in a wide range of transactions, across several industries. They are good people and I have always enjoyed working with them. You can trust them to provide top-quality advice no matter what your situation or circumstances.

Mark Bono / Founder, Guide Capital Partners

In my 40 plus years on Wall Street, I have met regiments of investment bankers. There have been none – i.e., not one – with the combined talent and integrity of Kevin Dunn.



John Adams / Founder, Adams Harkness & Hill and Chairman, Canaccord Adams (US)

It was indeed a pleasure to be working with a strong, professional team while getting the personal attention of a partner throughout the process.



Michael Brubaker / President & CEO, R. L. Drake, LLC.

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