Would You Buy Your Own Business?

Greg Rush, Senior Managing Director of Dunn Rush & Co., talks about some of the factors that go into preparing a business for a good valuation and asking the hard question of business owners—would you buy your own business?

  • To start off, what is the general state of middle market M&A in the US these days and how does that affect businesses that might be looking toward a sale in the next few years?
  • You’ve been on the other side of this process as a business owner going into and through a sale. You talk in your blog about the need for business owners to change their perspective on how they approach a sale. Can you talk a bit about that?
  • What are some of the Quantitative and Qualitative Factors that owners need to focus on that can affect valuations?
  • So, what I’m hearing is that there is a lot to account for in looking toward a business sale. It’s all rather daunting from an outsider’s perspective. How should business owners start to tackle the list and how can a proven M&A advisor like Dunn Rush help to streamline the process?

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